Keyes 24 in 1 Sensor Kit Getting Started without Raspberry Pi Pico Development Board Basics MicroPython Programming

Introduction:The Raspberry Pi Pico 24 in 1 sensor kit mainly contains 24 commonly used sensors, modules, a Raspberry Pi Pico board, a Raspberry Pi Pico expansion board and Dupont wires.The 24 sensors and modules are fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Pico shield. You only need to stack the Raspberry Pi Pico board onto the Raspberry Pi Pico shield, and hook up them with Dupont wires, which is simple and convenient.To make you master the electronic knowledge, detailed tutorials like schematic diagrams, wiring methods and test code are included. Through these projects, you will have a better understanding about programming, logicand electronics.Description:The Keyes Raspberry Pico IO expansion board is designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, without soldering, all pins are led out. The interfaces on the expansion board are marked with silkscreens.3-pin interface is generally G V S and G represents GND, V represents the VCC (3.3V) interface, and S represents the digital port/analog port. The expansion board comes with female header interface with a spacing of 2.54mm, a reset button, a power indicator PWR and 4 standard LEGO positioning holes. 4-The expansion board provides various communication interfaces including 2 x I2C,2 x UART,2 x SPI,3x analog IO and 13 x digital IO and a 6.5-12V power interface.Caractéristiques: Output current: ≦500mA DC input voltage: 6.5 - 12V Output voltage: DC3.3V5V Recommended ambient temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C Product size: 45.339MM *83.617MM Espacement d

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